Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We've had some Snow

We've had a bit of snow over the past few days.  I think that we are currently holding steady at about 30 inches.

This is my house.  Notice the van in the driveway...that's not going anywhere for a while.  We live at the bottom of this hill, which hasn't seen a plow yet.  Notice the idiot stuck in the middle of the street so that even if a plow happened by it couldn't get down the street.

Boy1 and Boy2 went out to play in the snow last night - before round 2.  I was afraid that Boy2 might fall into a snow drift and not be found until the spring thaw.

Boy3 prefers to stay inside where it is warm.

This is one of our other cars...probably not going to see that for a while.

Finally, this is Jim.  Jim is a police officer.  Jim has been called into work nearly EVERY day of the blizzard to cut down fallen trees so that firetruck and ambulances can reach emergencies.  Somehow he has still found the time to snowblow nearly everyone in our cul-de-sac's driveways, offer to run to the store for anyone who had an emergency, and tow at least two stuck cars to the top of the hill (including one VERY ticked off pizza delivery guy).  (He also taught me how to start my rental car a few months ago.)  So thanks to Jim and all the hard working Fairfax County Police and other first responders out there who don't have the luxury of being trapped in their homes.


  1. Oops. I read your post a bit too quickly and I thought it was Jim in the second to last picture. I was wondering why you were standing there taking photos of the poor guy instead of digging him out!

  2. Oh. wow. That is a lot of snow. I complained about our little bitty 4 1/2 inches!!!

    And I am with Boy3...inside and warm is much, much better!


    and boy 3... looks llike you