Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday confessions

I ate the last cookie. Somewhere between boy2 dumping a gallon of red jello on the carpet and boy3 puking on me for the fourth time I decided that I deserved it.

I don't actually watch the olympics. I catch the curling online and the highlights on the news, but otherwise it's more trouble than it's worth.

I'm tempted to look at the survivor spoilers-but I won't. Although----

I did look at the bachelor spoilers. But only because I hate the show and font want to waste my time watching the finale if my chosen bachelorette doesn't win.

I will NEVER get sucked into watching the bachelor again. It is mind numbing. And Jake has the personality of damp bread.

I don't care what Tiger Woods has to say. Though I would like to see his wife pimp slap him.

Supahvillains are gonna whoop some supahhero tushie. And we ain't sorry. (We're villainous like that.)

I am stupid excited about getting Just Dance today. Stay tuned for hillariously embarassing video.

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  1. :) lol!!! id like too see his wife pimp slap him too....lookin forward to that video :)

  2. I am so tempted to order that game. I have it in my shopping cart online, just haven't clicked submit order yet

  3. The Tiger Woods thing was on all channels this morning. How rediculous. I'd love to see his wife pimp slap him!

  4. You totally deserved that last cookie. And you got puked on? Please, you deserve some chocolate :) Can't wait to see your video of Just Dance!

    Thanks for playing!

  5. I agree, that last cookie had YOU written all over it. Also, I hhhhhhhaaaate Tiger Woods. Always have. Throw a tantrum cuz you're trying to swing a club and a camera shutter goes off? REALLY? Ever try to swing a bat in Yankee stadium?


  6. Red jello on the carpet, so sorry!

  7. Okay, this dance competition is starting to get really big and so I am a little scared to do it again next time.
    But, I totally have no shame so everyone knows I will!
    At least I can say I won it once!

  8. I can't stand Tiger...nuff said.

  9. Now that's a press conference I'd watch, Elin beating the hell out of him with those golf clubs again!

  10. TEAM VILLAINS!! Holla. ;)

    OMG!! The word verification was fartiest! NO LIE!!!