Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The skew on the olympics

I have a confession to make. I like curling. In fact curling is really the only winter olympic sport I really like. Okay, there's hockey, but really I'd rather watch the NHL.

I generally enjoy sports. I particularly enjoy football. There is something beautiful about watching a perfectly executed play. It's like a ballet, except someone gets to win.

I know what you're thinking, what about figure skating? That like ballet where someone wins. True. The problem with figure skating is that is too subjective. I mean the German judge can think that you totally blew it while the French judge judge thinks you totally rocked. Who's to say which one is right.

I've given it some thought and here's how i think we can improve figure skating. Each heat twenty skaters take the ice and begin skating in a circle. At random intervals a bell rings and the umpire calls out a jump. Each skater has 10 seconds to complete the jump. If you fall you're out. Wrong jump? You're out. Took too long? OUT!!! This continues until only one skater remains. Pink feather boas are optional.

Okay, now that we have taken care of that, let's get back to curling. There is something really intriguing about the pushing of the stone and the frantic, but precise, sweeping. I also appreciate that curling is an every man sort of sport. I'm not saying that there is no skill involved, but I bet you don't see a lot of curling doping scandals. Finally, there is the team work. 3 people moving one stone to an exact location. Try getting 3 men to agree on anything and you'll understand the enormity of this task. I like to believe that curling is the thinking man's woman's winter Olympic sport.

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  1. We were discussing curling at lunch today. One of my colleagues claimed it's not a sport. How can you not appreciate the exactness of the curlers' efforts?

  2. I can take or leave curling. As for figure skating, I dislike it for other reasons. My favs are more like Speed Skating, Snowboarding, and some Skiing.

  3. That circle skate is truly brilliant. Freaking brilliant.
    I love it. I imagine a swarm of skating sharks.

    And the curling teamwork.....

    you can almost spell women... with teamwork.

    almost... so it really doens't work..
    but almost.

    so what if you can almost spell man too...
    there's more letters in woman



  4. I'm opting to wear my pink feather boa.

    And I can tell you right now....the French judge is always wrong. On any subject...

  5. Don't quite get curling but then I haven't had much exposure to it. We enjoy the Skiing, Snowboarding and Speed Skating.

  6. I've actually been curling before. It's a lot harder than it looks! Thank God you don't wear skates... I would have killed myself for sure. I love that you appreciate football over figure skating!