Thursday, February 4, 2010


Supah is hosting a(nother) blog carnival. (Yeah...I know....again!!)

So here are my thoughts on Mr. John Edwards.

First off, let me say that biologically men are set up to cheat on women while women are set up to find the most suitable male and hang onto him for dear life. Biologically, men can afford to spread their genetic material far and wide and hope that some of them survive to continue the cycle. Women, on the other hand, invest an enormous amount of time and energy into the "production" of offspring and therefore need to choose a mate wisely. That being said, we are also biologically programmed to eat as much high fat food as we can get our hands on, sleep 8 hours a night and smell bad. Just because it's biologically desirable doesn't mean it's morally, ethically or even physically desirable.

I personally think that JE is a lousy rat bastard. First he cheats on his wife. He tries to hide it so that the news doesn't come out while she is still alive. (Seriously?? It's like he's just waiting for her to die.) He puts another marriage in jeopardy by making them lie for him. Then he denies the child that results from the affaire. All the while holding himself up as some sort of golden boy. I'm mean if you're going to be a lying, conniving asshole who thinks with your penis at least admit to it!

I think that JE has to man up to what he has done. He needs to pay Elizabeth SCADS of alimony. He needs to accept his child and support her financially and emotionally. Finally, he needs to accept the fact that no one is going to forgive him for what he has done and he should just crawl into a hole and never be seen in the light of day again.

We also need to remember that it takes two to tango. Rielle Hunter (AKA Lisa Jo Druck) entered into this affair willingly and with the full knowledge that JE was a married man. Come on ladies, we girls need to stick together! Stop sleeping with other women's husbands!

In conclusion, JE = rat bastard. Lisa Jo Druck = bitch. Elizabeth Edwards = tough, classy woman who will move on with her life and be happy without him.


  1. Okay chica! I am offically loved your blog! Us confessionsers must stick together! And you do have some mad computer skillz! Following!!!

  2. I came to grab your button for something.. and look at the little present I found! I must've missed your link up.. or you didnt' linke!

    BUt I love it..

    I sooo agree!!

    Great skew.. I love the stick together part !

    What fun this has been !

    ANy ideas for next week?

  3. JE makes Clinton and Mark Sanford look good at this point!

  4. Agreed - JE total rat bastard.... and I wanted him to be president at some point. Good thing I am Canadian and do not get a vote...

    Go Hillary! Err.....

  5. JE, TW and mine -- these guys must really think they deserve to have their cake and eat it, too, and believe they're smart enough to get away with it. Now if that isn't the dumbest!!!