Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outlast, outwit, outblog

Let's talk about television. Now I realize that there are those amongst you who do not watch tv or who only watch shows like NOVA. While I appreciate your lifestyle choice, this post my not be for you. Perhaps you should go read a book or play chess or whatever it is that you do while I'm watching LOST.

I like television. There is no point in pretending otherwise. If youvlook at my netflix cue you will find that it is mostly filled with tv shows. What I like about tv is the ability to really get to know a character. Movies are all well and good, but once they're over the people in theme are gone as well.

Generally I prefer scripted shows. I like House, LOST and Numb3rs (though I don't watch numb3rs anymore because of the previously mentioned hulu situation.) I wil watch the occasional reality show. (Somehow I got sucked into "The Bachelor" which I hate, but can't stop watching.). While I haven't watched Survivor in years you can bet your butt that I will watching this season. The reason is that I am a blogvivor this time around. I will be scheaming, forming alliances and backstabbing my fellow blogvivors just like my colleagues on survivor (only I'll be doing it from the comfort of my couch and without eating any bugs). When I win, I will recieve a fabulous gift basket from Supahmomy and the wonderful sponsors you can see scrolling along in the sidebar over there.

So check back in starting Friday to root me on and see my, no doubt hilarious, entries for the weekly challenges.

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  1. I love your confidence...that's all I'm sayin.

  2. @ lisa. lmaoooooooo

    thx for the shout !

    i hope you have fun playing ! it was fun making them up and they get better each week