Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm not a very good driver. Im also not a dangerous driver. So while I may poke along at the speed limit in the fast lane and refuse to change lanes unless I have roughly 1/3 mile in every direction I don't get pulled over very often. Not that it has never happened....

I was driving home one day, only a few months after moving into our new house. Here in Virginia we have these HOV lanes. You must have two or more people in your car to use the HOV lane. The HOV even has some exits that are not available to the unaccompanied driver. As I was driving home I noticed that the exit that leads right on to my home was open. Keep in mind that we had just moved here and I was unfamiliar with the roads.

So I merge into the HOV to use the exit, not realizing that it was an HOV only exit. Once I did figure it out it was too late to merge back out of the lane. I proceed down the ramp to see a policeman pulling over cars left and right. I'm busted!

I pull over and roll the window down. I'm already getting a little misty eyed. (I don't know why, but getting pulled over sends me over the edge.) The following conversation ensues:

Officer: You're in the hov lane. You need to have a passenger to drive in this lane.

Me: I have my cat. (I was coming home from the vet.)

Officer: Sorry, it's no good if you're pregnant either. (Good to know I guess.)

Me: uhh okay. How much is this going to cost?

Officer: Well, have you done this before?

*At this point I should say that I was flustered and feeeking out a little. I THOUGHT he said "is this the first time you have done this?"

Me: yes

Officer: wel then it could be as much as $1000 dollars.

Me in complete freakout mode: oh my GAWD! My husband will kill me..* incompressible blubbering *

Officer: I'm sure that the officer who issued your last citation made this clear.

Me: *still blubbering* No. This is the first time I've done this.

Officer: oh, well then it will only be about $50.

I nearly got out of the car and kissed him.

At this point he sent me on my way with a $50 ticket and a near mental breakdown. I have NEVER used the HOV lane without a passenger since.

Consider me rehabilitated.

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  1. Omg thats crazy!! poor thing... i used to get all upset when I got pulled over---- Im used to it now (which isnt a good thing haha)

  2. Oh, how scary! Sounds like you well and truly learned your lesson :o)

  3. We don't have HOV lanes...never knew there was such a thing until a few years ago.
    $50 is a lot better than $1000!

  4. Wow, that sucks! He should have let you off with a warning. I think I would have played the 'I'm new' card.