Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Supah survivor - Challenge II - The Buff-on

Ahhhh it is yet again time for another Supah Survivor challenge.  --pause for applause--  This weeks challenge was to design a button to represent ourselves as blogvivors.

I have to tell you, folks, I was robbed last week.  I mean what kind of person appeals to a man's most base instincts by showing him boobs??  And really, why didn't I think of that?

So anyway, I have pulled out my mad azz GIMP skillz and whipped up this button (enlarged for your viewing pleasure.)

I think that my button is pretty self explanatory.  As a certified Domestic Delinquent...I will take pretty much any excuse I can get to avoid cleaning up after myself my kids resulting in a house that looks a little like that last room.

You know you want this here you go....get a little something for yourself.

So there you have it....Come on heroes....bring it on!!!


  1. Good job!

    You did that on Gimp? I couldn't figure that program out for the life of me!

  2. Seriously..

    friggin awesome.

    i want in your brain so i can do that stuff

    I should hit you with a field hockey stick

    I can't wait for Harv and Porkchop to see these !


  3. This is really good! I'm so jealous!

  4. Okay yours has like flash stuff on it and is really cool and appeals to those of us with A.D.D. because it's changing and fun...

    Good job!

  5. Hey- I clicked in cuz I love your blog title, LOL! Now I am mad- jealous of your button. I can't get gimp to do much more than take out some red eye.

  6. No offense to all the other ladies but your buff-on totally rocks the house! I'd vote for you to win this one!

  7. You did great! I love your button! Good luck! I am glad I am not voting!