Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Do List Tuesday - January 12

(Yes, I know it's Wednesday. It's been a busy week.)

Another Tuesday, another to do list. This weeks list is going to concentrate on getting the house together. Husband and I have been talking about getting the kitchen redone for a while. We have a tendency to make big plans and then let them languish. I'm going to try to buck that trend.

1. Look into cabinetry refacing. I want to completely gut the kitchen and get new cabinets, but hubby wants to see about just getting new cabinet fronts. I am humouring him.

2. Pick out cabinet doors and granite for counter top. Regardless of which way we go with the cabinets this needs to be done.

3. Continue decluttering.

4. Clean out the coat closet. This is a disaster. Think tv sitcom where someone opens the closet and is immedietly burried in a bunch or random junk. That my closet.

5. Make a walk to school week contact. I failed on this one last week.

6. Fix nursery closet. The whole thing fell down with a resounding crash on Sunday. Luckly no one was crushed.

7. Make cupcakes for PTA movie night. I'm on the PTA baking commitee, it's a great way to use up all the cake and brownie mixes I got for a quarter after Christmas.

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