Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu plan Monday - the chili intensive edition

Just a quick note about how I plan my meals and how I ended up with 4 nights of chili in one week.

We do a BIG shopping trip every 3 weeks. I draw up a list for enough meals to feed my family for 21 days. We load all the kids in the car and head on down to the local army fort. We get haircuts for the boys, or at least the three of them with hair, we scout out the BX (that's the base exchange for you civilians), and we go to the commissary. The commissary is the military grocery store. In general, the commissary is cheeper that your standard grocery store. Things like meat and spices are a lot cheeper, fruits and veggies are a little cheeper, and pantry items are about the same ... Generally speeking. So, we do the bulk of our shopping every three weeks and sometimes that ends up with my family getting a healthy dose of chili.

So, here it is, a chili intensive Monday menu plan.

Monday - crunchy baked pork chops

Tuesday - white chicken chili

Wednesday - leftover chili

Thursday - vegetarian chili

Friday - leftover chili

Saturday - skillet carbonara

Sunday -Swiss steak

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  1. We love chili - and a lot of the time with the leftovers, I'll change it up by serving it with macaroni(chilimac), angel hair/spaghetti (chilighetti) or with rice. (I have no fancy name for the rice version *wink*.) Since I'm the one in the family who seems to have a hardest time with leftovers, it certainly helps me to feel like I'm not necessarily eating the same thing I had last night for dinner - it changes things up for me.

    Also, I was quite excited to see that this post was done from your iPhone?! I didn't even know that was a possibility!! But now that I've seen it, I had to have it, and now I'm all set up... Oh yes, I will be deadly with my ability to blog on the go! Heehee! Thanks! I'm so excited I'm giddy!