Friday, January 15, 2010

Credit where credit is due

A few weeks back I mentioned that my cable connection was not so great. Since I believe in giving credit where credit is due I want to say that Cox Cable did come through for me. They sent out a team of (very nice and incredibly tidy) technicians to check every connection and wire and whatever else in the house. Turns out, a big part of our problem was that our router was something like 10 years old (oops, my bad).

So we got a new router. (It is a very sexy little apple number, much nicer than our old SMC router.) Cox ran a new cable line into our house. (You can barely tell where they dug up the yard.) And we now have a crazy fast, reliable like a Japanese car, Internet connection.

So thumbs up to Cox Cable.

(Note: I don't work for or receive money from Cox Cable. I just had a very nice experience. Of course if they wanted to donate some items for Walk To School Week they know where to contact me *wink wink nod nod*)

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  1. I wish I could give my cable company credit. All i want to give them is a swift kick out of my life! Sadly, they're all we have here. Congrats on a great cable company- something we don't all have! ;D