Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To do list Tuesday 1/5

Whew. Tuesday again already. The last two weeks have been insanity! Boy1 is back to school, hubby is back to work and I'm trying to get back on schedule.

This weeks list is going to finally finish up all the holiday crazyness.

1. Make one last sweep of the house to find and put away all the christmas stuff. This would include plates and dish towel that had to be washed as well as the new stuff I bought on clearance.
2. Declutter the hotspots that I previously cleaned. The buffet, tv thing, breakfast bar and dining room table have suffered under a barrage of food, cards, and other festive clutter. It's time for all if that to go.
3. Get rid of the cookies. With the possible exception of the biscotti, any cookies not consumed by Friday are destined for the compost bin.
4. Organize food containors. Any orphaned lids or bottoms or anything that has seen too many hours with spaghetti sauce is getting the boot.
5. Paint outside woodwork. Hahahaha! Who am I kidding? Hire someone to paint outside woodwork.
6. Figure out how to make blog layout 3 columns. I have some plans....
7. Photograph and blog about photo wall. I had totally forgotten about this during all the madness.
8. Make one contact for walk to school week. The event isn't until October, but some places need nine months notice.
9. Return library books. Seriously, the library police are going to be knocking on my door soon.
10. Make doctors appointments.

Yawn. Sort of a boring list after the fun of the holidays, but whadda ya gonna do?

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  1. I love how efficient you are! Way to go! I, on the other hand, know I need to clean everything, so I clean nothing. Maybe I should try making a list, huh?