Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To Do Tuesday

Now that the holidays are wrapping up it is time to regain some sembalance of normalacy. (I don't count New Years as a holiday because I am too old and encumbered by children to go anywhere. Besides, if it's midnight and I'm not sporting a pair of sweatpants things are gonna be ugly in the morning.) This weeks list is going to focus on putting Chrismas and pretty much all of 2009 to bed.

1. Return unwanted gifts to target.
2. Wrap Sister in law's gift. She bailed on us for Christmas eve, so we drank the bottle of bourbon we originally bought for her. (Retribution is swift at the house of delinquency) Turns out she stopping by tomorrow. Good thing I had a gift in reserve.
3. Take down tree.
4. Take down other decorations.
5. Clean upstairs bathroom. This bathroom didn't get cleaned during the pre-in laws arrival sweep because my husband dropped a mercury thermometer in there and it had to be quarentined for a few days to air out. Don't ask why we had a mercury thermometer because I haven't got a good answer for that.
6. Stop eating cookies for breakfast. This should be infinately easier once I've eaten all the cookies.
7. Clear out all the pants that are too small for boy2. The poor kid is starting to resemble Urkle.
8. Call cox cable to find out why my internet is sucking hardcore.

- Posted by Krista from my iPhone


  1. sounds much like my list! :) much luck to us both I guess? hehe

  2. Krista - I apologize for the Internet challenges. I work for Cox and would be glad to save you a call. If you could e-mail me with your name and a phone number associated with the account, I can get someone to look into the problem. My e-mail info is gwen.sparks@cox.com.