Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Do Tuesday - 12/8

Okay, it's Tuesday, time for the to do list.

1. Ship gifts
2. Make 4 batches of Christmas cookie dough - this will keep me nicely on the battle plan
3. Get prints for photo wall
4. Take cat to the vet
5. Fix termite damage around the door - I don't want to talk about this, it's too traumatic.
6. Clean off table - Now that the photo wall is up I have no excuses.
7. Finish brownie jars
8. Buy bra for party - stupid strapless, low back dress.
9. Mail in rebate offers
10. Return stuff to target and michaels

Last weeks list was very nearly a complete success. I got everything except one load of laundry done. And in my defense, it is folded just not distributed.

I'm getting going with my Christmas preps this week. Hopefully by planning ahead I can suffer from only minor bouts of psychosis insted of a full on mental breakdown.

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