Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reclaiming the Breakfast Bar

This week's organizing challenge is more of a marathon that a sprint. This is my breakfast bar.

It is a disaster. The BB has several qualities that lead it to the dark side. First off, too many things live there. It is a good place to put stuff, so we have just put all sorts of stuff there to stay. My first plan of attack is to find a new home for some of that stuff.

Second, it is right near the kitchen which means that when anyone takes something to the kitchen the have a tendency to tire out before they actually make it there so they just dump whatever they have on the breakfast bar.

Finally, the proximity to the kitchen means that it has an increased likelyhood of getting splashed with sauces or covered with crumbs.

So the real challenge here will not be just cleaning, but keeping clean.

UPDATE: I was hard pressed to figure out what to do with the glass canister type thing hidden behind the blue vase thing. That was, until I saw this post my Mrs. Moneysaver. My canisters are a little smaller, but still....that has got to me kismet! I love that I can take something I don't really want anymore and make it into a gift that someone else can enjoy...yeah!!

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  1. That is a problem area. I try to clear mine right away - but things tend to gather on the kitchen table, then. Perhaps you can get a basket to at least contain the items - maybe it could go in the corner?