Saturday, December 19, 2009

David VS. Goliath

This is David. Actually, his name is Jaden, but I'm working on a metaphor here people, so try to keep up.

Jaden is a two year old little boy. He's cute as a button too isn't he? Well, if cute could cure cancer, Jaden would be right as rain, sadly, that is not the case. Jaden is currently fighting a nasty form of cancer called metastatic neuroblastoma. While none of this is even a little fair, Jaden is fighting the cancer like a champ.

As you can imagine, the medical bills for his treatment are staggering. So last month mommy blogger and former high school classmate of mine, SupahMommy, hosted a supah auction on Ebay to raise money to help Jaden's mommy and daddy. While initially Ebay promised to waive their fees for such a good cause they have now reneged on the promise and are requesting $453.70. While this is probably a pittance to ebay it would go a long way on the hands of Jaden's folks.

Please, click over to SupahMommy's blog and find out how you can let ebay know how you feel about this.

I'll be back tomorrow with more joyful tidings and most likely pictures of snow....lots of snow.

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