Monday, December 21, 2009

Baking Day

After two weeks of planning, today is when the magic happens. Today is the day that all the baking begins. Here's the score so far:

As of midnight last night the following cookies were done:

Gingerbread men

Fudge (which needs to be made again since my family ate it all)

Peppermint bark


Italian Wedding Cookies (also known as nut cookies)

7:27 am - no coffee, making due with diet coke

7:58 am - First batch of molasses spice cookies in the oven

8:53 am - Last batch of Molasses Spice cookies out of the oven

9:04 am - Children requesting breakfast. Due to snowed in status all that is available is bran flakes. This development is not welcomed with enthusiasm.

9:07 am - Children are requesting cookies for breakfast.

9:08 am - Children are told absolutly not.

9:15 am - After intense negotiations, a deal has been struck involving one bowl of bran flakes and one cookie.

9:25 am - Nap time.

10:35 am - Nap is over...up next Sable cookies.

10:53 am - First batch of Sables in the oven

11:54 am - Sables finished.

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