Thursday, December 10, 2009


I remember a lot of my dreams. Most of them are complete nonsense and, fact is, I'm not really the type of person to put much stock in dream interpretation. The dream I had last night however....well it doesn't take a genius to figure this one one.

It all started with me in the car driving the kids somewhere...nothing odd there, except that I was steering from the passenger seat. (I don't know who was pressing the gas....maybe the cruise control was on.) Eventually, I decided that I should get into the drivers seat, but as soon as I did (and before I could put on my seat belt) I hit a puddle and the car started to spin around. I've been in an accident where the car spun around and it ended pretty quickly....but this dream spin just wouldn't quit. At first I was scared, not so much for myself, but for the kids. (Damn...I'm pretty selfless in my dreams.) But soon (still spinning) I decided that I better do something. I put on my seat belt (still spinning) and tried to regain control of the car. I kept traveling down the road (Still spinning) but couldn't stop the car. Eventually, the car stopped spinning and came to a stop at a red light, facing in the right direction and we all were completely unscathed and able to get on with our day.

So I guess everything is going to work out just fine....though I'm getting a little dizzy from all the spinning.

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