Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TV thing update

As promised, here is the before photo of the tv thing.

Fortunately, it no longer looks like that. I was nearly defeated by the dust cloud that arose when I attempted to dust the top, but I persevered and was able to subdue the evil accumulation with a swiffer cloth and a can of old English furniture polish. It was touch and go for a while though. I have made some pretty serious progress and, baring and further filth uprising, should be able to finish it of this evening.

In some less harrowing news, I am starting up on my Christmas knitting. I have two major projects going this year. The first is these teeny tiny little sweater ornaments.

I'm hoping to make enough to decorate our small Christmas tree this year. In accordance with my Harry Potter addiction, I also plan to make a set of "Weasley" sweaters as well. Maybe a few Hogwarts scarves too.....

The second Christmas knitting project is the husband sweater....I'm keeping that one close to the vest for now.

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  1. Those are cute sweaters! I've always wanted to make those ornaments. I did knit a HP scarf using embroidery thread for my daughter to use as a bookmark.