Thursday, November 12, 2009

Operation freezer Recon complete

Both of our freezers are now officially inventoried and organized. I have developed a new system for keeping track of what is in there. I'm calling it a "list". The concept is fairly simple, you write down what you have so you don't forget. Then, and this is the important part, you have to not lose the list. It's not an overly complex system, but better than the old system that involved throwing stuff in there and never thinking about it again.

(Sorry about the cruddy photos, but the freezer is in the garage, which has some lighting challenges.)

So, what's next you ask? Stay tuned for tomorrow's post featuring my first contest with PRIZES!!!


  1. It feels great to be organized! Thanks for stopping by my blog. No, the little house isn't a chicken coop. It's just a shed. I wish it had a porch, though.

    I'll stay posted to your contest.

  2. That seems terribly organised to me. We only have the smallest of freezers so there's no chance of anything getting lost in there for long. On the other hand, my mother seems to have a number of freezers and I doubt she knows most of what's in there.