Friday, November 13, 2009

November Decorating Challenge

One of my biggest homemaking challenges is my complete lack of style. You know that ability to know what color to paint an accent wall, to match curtains to carpets or to choose art. I don't got it. I don't know where I was when they were passing out the decorating gene, probably playing netrek or something, but I missed out.

So here is the challenge. Remember that buffet table that I so lovingly cleaned off? Well here it is again to refresh your memory.

Notice that bit empty space up there? Well, before today it was just a big empty space - now it is a decorating opportunity. I want to put something up there, but I don't know what. That's where you come in. Leave me a little comment down there and tell me what you think I should put in that space. There are a few ground rules. First off, I don't want to break the bank here. I'm sure that an original Picasso would look lovely there, but that's not really in the budget. Let's try to keep it below $250. Also, please keep in mind that I am not a plumber, electrician or master carpenter. I'm not going to knock out the wall and put in a picture window. (And not just because all you would get would be a lovely view of my neighbor's vinyl siding.)

Comments will be open until November 25th at which time I will randomly choose someone to receive a $10 gift card from the home depot. So get commenting---I need all the help I can get.

note: Just because you win doesn't mean I'm going to use your idea...I gotta live here you know.

another note: I have never actually played netrek...I'm not THAT big of a geek.


  1. - paint the wall chocolate
    - get a couple of colorful prints from Target (I got some New Orleans street scenes for my piano room
    - for the same room, I wanted a focal point when you come up my stairs. So I took, for me, a creative photo of each kid playing an instrument. I colorized them using photo software in sepia tones, sent them to the local grocery store and printed them off in 14 x 16 or 20, can't remember - they were only about $8 each (posters were very expensive) Then I bought frames at Michaels and arranged them in a grid. I think something like that would be nice.

    That's all for now!

  2. Hmmm. I'd get a number of variously sized/shaped black photo frames (or ones that you can paint black), print a black and white photo for each one (an eclectic collection of faces and landscapes works well, use a white mat for each photo, and put them up in whatever arrangement pleases you. I've read that threes work well for decorating, so I'd say the minimum should be three.

    Jane's brown and sepia sounds good too.

  3. I would:

    1: get a canvas frame

    2: knit a large rectangle out of wool , larger than the sides and with added 'bits' to wrap around the frame, then shrink it to size.

    3: get a needle felting needle and sponge, and some needle felting wool, and needle felt a design on to your piece of art.

    That way you can have fun learning a new skill (if you don't already needle felt), use your new needle-felting greatness and new tools and materials (all very cheap) for future projects, and have a piece of knitted art.

  4. Have you thought about maybe stenciling something there that is meaningful to you, like a quote?


  5. First of all if you don't want to be crafty, a mirror would be excellent here. It'll continue the feel of the window and make the space seem larger, plus depending on the moulding, you can add your architectural/color style to the space.

    If you do want to get crafty, I say find some great fabric and use or make your own stretcher frames to make a colorful statement.

  6. Depending on how much you want to spend, here are some things I've done to decorate the white space in our house.

    1) Find some stencils (there's a great selection at Michaels), and paint some decorations on the wall. I've done this - it's cheap and even I (who has no artistic talent) was able to make the wall nice.
    2) Go to the thrift stores in your area - I've always found nice, framed pictures very inexpensively.
    3) Find wooden letters very cheaply on Ebay or Michaels (you can paint them yourself), use them to write a favorite verse/message, and nail the saying to the wall.


  7. I would put a large canvas print (wait for a FREE offer of course!) and vinyl wording -wither your last name, or a word/quote you like having to do with home.

  8. I found a big picture framed at Kirkland's for $40.

  9. They have some really neat vinyl decals shaped like trees, mirrors, or words on Etsy- I would use one of those there!

    scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  10. Without knowing what the rest of the room/area looks like, I would suggest a mirror, a clock or a Chinese style print with a bamboo frame.