Wednesday, November 18, 2009

organization achieved

I finished cleaning off the TV thing today. Here is a photo.

As silly as it may sound, this has made a big difference in my general attitude. I don't get to sit down and watch TV very often, but when I do I find that I am more relaxed now that I don't have to see all that clutter. The whole room feels a little more zen, less hectic.

In addition to my household organization, I have been trying to save some money. I say a report on GMA about a woman who feeds her family on something like a quarter a month (okay...not really, but something completely ridiculous.) While I can accept that I will NEVER be able to feed my family for anything remotely that little (She bought a lot more processed and prepared foods than we do.) I am dedicated to trying to save a little. I have been searching the internet for deals and clipping coupons and all that. Today I scored my first really good deal all on my own. Here it is:

Wegmans (My grocery store of choice because I love love love them!!) has cans of Goya beans on sale 2/$1. I also have a coupon for $1.25 off of 6 cans. So if you do the math:

6 cans @ 2/$1 = $3 - $1.25 coupon = $1.75 / 6 cans OR
$0.30 / Can

My family loves beans, and I had 3 of the coupons so I bought 18 cans of beans. I actually think I have 2 more of the coupons floating around so I may go back tomorrow for 12 more cans. This is what the couponing mavens call a "Stockupportunity". I'm totally down with the lingo!!

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