Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tis the Season

Its about that time folks - the holiday season is upon us. For us here at the house of delinquency that means...well, in the past it hasn't really meant anything until somewhere around December 20th. At which time I would complain loudly and to anyone who would listen about how much work there is to do and how I have to buy everyone's gifts and wrap them etc. I would grumble as I logged into Amazon and shelled out serious coin for expedited shipping. I would fret about getting my Christmas baking done and getting decorations up. In short I would be miserable and stressed out.

This year, in my attempt at domestic divahood, I pledge that things will be different. Seriously....Don't think I can't hear you laughing. I have already started on my husband's Christmas present. I am knitting him something for the first time in our 11 years of marriage. Hopefully I am past the statute of limitations on the curse of the boyfriend sweater. I have EVEN made some of the dough for my Christmas cookies. I'm on this! STOP LAUGHING!!

The doing of the holiday season is second only to the giving. I'm hoping to be able to give a little more to those in need this Christmas. Last week I worked a sweet deal at Toys R Us that saw me buying 7 pre-school games for only about $3.50. Since my kids already have some of these games, several will go to toys for tots. I'm also looking forward to choosing a child from the tree at my husbands office to buy for. I always try to pick out a little girl, since I buy for boys all year round. This is fun for me and makes Christmas special for a child who probably wouldn't get anything otherwise. (Just the thought of a child waking up Christmas morning and finding that Santa has passed her by breaks my heart).

I know the economy is bad and many of us as just squeaking by this year. For those of us who are doing fairly well, this is even more reason to dig a little deeper and give what we can.

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