Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ugly socks and strawberries

I've given up on the really ugly socks.

I don't know why I get started with these sorts of things. I knew they were ugly when I was in the middle of the leg part. I could have saved myself days of knitting by just admitting my mistake and moving on...but NO....hope springs eternal. When I started knitting on the heel (in a third color no less) I was absolutely certain that I would NEVER wear them. It is only now, that I am on the foot, and not only is their ugliness apparent to even my 3 year old, that I am ready to admit defeat. It is not the actual ugliness that is doing me in here. It is the fact that I now realize that I will never have enough yarn to complete two matching (or even sort of matching) socks. Ugliness is one thing, but spending precious yarn buying money to complete ugliness is where I draw the line. Now I just have to decide if I will completely give up on the whole thing and just pitch it all in the trash (it pains me to throw out perfectly lovely yarn and this is really quite lovely yarn) or will I frog them and try to find something else to knit with this yarn.

As a side note I will admit that these socks weren't completely a waste of time. I did hone my two circular needle sock skills and got to use my homemade stitch markers...which I found to be quite nice.

On a completely non-ugly note....the family and I went out for more strawberry picking this past weekend. We brought home about 15 lbs of ripe, red, juicy strawberries. Since we had already processed 24 jars of strawberry freezer jam (and as my husband reminded me, there were still raspberries and peaches and plums and .....well you get the come) we decided to try to freeze the berries. Since there is no universally accepted protocol for berry freezing, and in the interest of science, I decided to try both of the more common methods.

One batch of strawberries were washed, stemmed and frozen as is, Au natural, if you will.

The second batch was also washed and stemmed, but then a bit of superfine sugar was added and they were frozen that way.

Each batch is currently residing in my chest freezer in a zipper baggie....check back for the exciting results.

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  1. Hmmm, yep, those are not attractive, sorry! What about knitted socks for Mr 3? Or, have you seen the Staccato socks pattern in the Knitting with Handpainted yarn book? Those use mini skeins of yarn in a stripe pattern - a good way to use up odds and ends.