Monday, June 8, 2009

Swim - Bike - Run

Ethan participated in his first triathlon this weekend. It was (of course) a mini-triathlon, though I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have finished it. It was also a "fun" triathlon...for those of you with out kids, that means that the don't keep time so noone has to lose, of course noone gets to win either. He had to swim 25 meters, bike 1 mile and then run 1/2 mile. The organizers did a great job. They even had an actual Ironman triathlete show up to give a little pep talk. The kids were unimpressed because he had never won the ironman.....7 year olds don't really get the concept of personal achievement.

Ethan burned up the pool...swimming is definitely his sport and he swam circles around the other kids. Ryan was psyched and happily cheered him on toward the biking portion of the race.

Considering the fact that he has only been riding a two wheeler for a few weeks, I think that he did a pretty good job at the mile long bike ride. Then there was the running.

Add the concept of pacing yourself to the list of things that 7 year olds don't really get. He did perk up in time to get his medal.

All in all, it was a great, fun experience. I'm not sure that he's ready to sign up for the Hawaii Ironman, but he'll probably give it another go next year.

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  1. Cute young man, looks like he had lots of fun.

    Love the baby suit too.

    Found u on Rav.