Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby Surprise suit and a Sock

I finished off the Baby Surprise Suit, and I totally lurve lurve lurve it!!! It was actually a rather quick knit - even after I frogged parts of it four times. I am a little afraid that by the time it is cold enough to wear the baby will have outgrown it...sait la vie. It is knit from mostly cotton and a cotton silk blend (let's not discuss the insanity of knitting something for a baby out of was in the stash.) so it won't have to be too cold to wear it.

Insted of fussing around with a million little buttons I decided to use snap tape to close it up. Believe it or not, but I actually had snap tape sitting around the house...crazy I know. After several missteps I managed to sew it in there and even learned how to use the zipper foot on my sewing machine!

Finally, after all the trauma associated with the seashore socks, you may suspect that I had completely sworn off of knitting footwear altogether. But no! I am nothing if not resilient (or a masocist). I tried out Cat Brodhi's technique for knitting socks on circular needles. And do they ever soar!! I knit this one up in just over a day..granted it is very small, but it's a sock! It was also a good use of the bits of yarn I had left over from the baby suit.

The yarn diet continues....I'm hoping to find a widget to keep track of my yardage loss.

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