Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WIMTS Wednesday

When my kid dumped a whole cup of red jello on the carpet and I said "oh...that's okay. Just be more careful." what I meant to say was "HaHa!! Do it again. Well show your daddy why we should get hardwood floors"

When found out that the Macaroni kids for Fairfax publisher mom job had been taken what i said was "oh, darn. I should have jumped on that earlier." what I meant to say was "g--dammit! I am kicking myself for missing out on that. I can't believe that I didn't snatch that up. I should have contacted Supahmommy and signed up as soon as I got the chance."


  1. do it again! haha!!! sorry you missed out on the Macoroni Kids thing :(

  2. Yeah, I have those moments, too! There'll be other opportunities, my dear!! Hang in there! (Good luck with getting those hardwood floors!)

  3. Carpet is just ridiculous with little kids!

    I need to look into Macaroni Kid.

  4. damn! Macaroni Kid is awesome! don't beat yourself up!

    Thanks for playing! You are the bomb!