Friday, March 19, 2010

Cotton Eye Joe

It's Just Dance Your Bloggy Off time again.

Since I was crowned Queen of the Dance last week I felt that it was only right that I attempt to defend the crown this week. I didn't practice as much as I would have liked. This week involved two children with fevers over 104 degrees, one child who broke out in a full body rash because he was allergic to an antibiotic and one child who ran over his own lip with a scooter and needed to get 3 stitches. I only have 3 do the math.

Anyway - here is the video.

Note to self - get more supportive brassiere.

BTW - Scroll down for a coupon for a FREE Starbucks pastry!!


  1. LOVE the hat! How cute are you?!

  2. Okay, your little note on needing a more supportive brassiere left me rolling. I felt the same way! LOL

    Good job. This was such a difficult song this week. I don't even know what next weeks song is!

  3. Yeah - the "girls" are the reason I deleted all evidence that I evah danced to this song!


  4. Good try and I love that hat almost as much as mine

  5. Well, I beat you. But we both got beat anyway! Big time.

  6. You are too cute! Maybe you can win back your crown next week. :)

    And I hope that you have a much, MUCH better week. Your poor kiddos...or more like poor MAMA!

  7. That was great! Loved the hat and the tshirt even more! I love me some tye dyed tshirts!
    I ran outta time to post and it sux cause I beat you! 6972

  8. That was great -- loved the ringing bell and hat! This is my first week to participate -- and it was a lot of fun!

  9. OMG..I just put the JUST DANCE video in for the first time EVER tonight and lets just say..ummm.I wont be competing..NO sir ree.....