Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday and Goal Setting

On Friday I will finally meet all the requirements to become president of the United States of America.  (I'm expecting your vote in November.)  As a newly minted potential presidential candidate I felt that it would be prudent to set some long term goals.  Truth be told I am a very goals oriented person.  I need to have something to strive for or else I feel like I'm just treading water.

I have identified two long term goals.

1.  Get my act together.  I realize that this seems a little vague, but let me explain.  I have never been the kind of person who took care of herself.  I don't put on make-up, I don't wear moisturizer with SPF50, I don't even shave my legs on a regular basis (especially in the winter).  I'm going to change that.  I'm going to endeavor to spiff myself up.  Problem is, I have NO IDEA how to do that.  I don't wear make-up because I don't know how to put it on.  I don't use the SPF stuff because I can't find one that doesn't feel like I'm spreading motor oil on my face.  I don't wear nice cloths because I have no style and don't know what to buy.  Any my hair...let's not even go there...I'm a disaster.  I need help people.  Let me show you what I'm talking about.  This first picture is me on my wedding day:

Look at me, I'm practically translucent.  You'd think someone would have held me down and put a little blush on me or something....eyeliner??  Anyone??  Where WERE my bridesmaids??

Frankly, things have not improved much over the intervening 13 years.  Here is me just a few months ago:

Sad really.  So I'm looking to you blogosphere.  Recommend a moisturizer....tell me how to fix my hair...send me a t-shirt that wasn't produced during the Bush Administration (I'm talking the first Bush here!!)  I will share my discoveries with any fellow ascetically disinclined readers out there.

I realize that this all seems very superficial....but fact is, I have been working on the "inner" me for 35 years now.  I have a Masters Degree in Molecular Biology, I have birthed and (partially) raised 3 kids, I like to think that I am a reasonably kind and giving person.  I'm done developing character....its time to develop a sense of style.

Goal number 2.....oh know you want to know.  Check back tomorrow, it'll be worth it!!


  1. You are so funny! Be you. Whatever you decide .. make sure it's still you. Cuz you're pretty cool.
    I love clinique personally as a former consultant.

    They have lots of sheer options that keep you.. you . Not made up you. My fav is their CREAM eyeliner. It's in a little jar and oh.. it's so nice. You use a brush to put it on ... you can go light for day.. or dramatic for evening.

    I look like a different person with just a little bit of eye work. :)

    I've also enjoyed the Ellen age defying makeup if I must tell. Very nice.

    I'm with you . I need some style.
    I have an AWESOME site that I personally love the clothes. AND they customize them to fit you .

    I'll be reviewing for them soon and holding a giveaway. :)

    Haircut. You need a cool ass coif. ;) One that you LIKE to do. I imagine your hair similar to mine angled and cool.

    Cuz im cool. JK.

    I also.. stick with Old navy T's. I still get the comfort. But I look a LITTLE more put together than my CLinton era- beat you . Tshirts.

    One pair of cute flats. Some comfy cute jean capris And you're in like flynn.


  2. lol you made me laugh with how eloquently you put this!!! =)

    I don't have any advice, because I lack style as well - but instead of a 10 year old shirt, I wear shirts that a 10 year old would wear! =)

    Start small - I buy clothes that I normally would NEVER even think about wearing when they on super clearance - I figure if I hate it THAT bad it was only $3. LOL.

    I CAN however HIGHLY recommend something for those eye bags - Garnier makes this eye roller hicky that has caffeine in it - it zaps those bags in minutes! Mine are hereditary & purple along with gross & baggy - & this stuff works wonders!

  3. I think you are adorable! Cream- philosophy's Hope in a Jar. Completely rocks.

    I have no style, either. I need someone to send me some, too.

    Though, I do second that eshakti site Supah mentioned. I'm reviewing something from there, too. Awesome stuff.

  4. Find a MaryKay person in your area and call them up for a free facial. and then go back for a color consult and they'll let you know what colors work for you and show you how to put makeup on. (My sis is a consultant here) There stuff works awesome but it's expensive. I use alot of Covergirl (and steal my sis's facewash & moisturizer) I do however HIGHLY recommend their Miracle Set It's awesome and I use it (ok ok I use my sisters) and it's really nice

  5. I have the exact same colouring as you, except my hair is red! I too am translucent and shame on you for not wearing sun screen! :)

    For me the essential makeup (when I put it on) consists of: a sheer moisturizer/ coverup base by covergirl. It comes in a little pump bottle and I use the 2nd to palest colour usually (test on the back of your hand if you can in the store).

    brown eyeliner, but not the kind you sharpen, the kind you twist up. it gives a better smudgeable line,

    some light coloured pinkish/brownish eye shadow all over my lid,

    brown/black mascara.

    My blush looks VERY pink in the container, but comes out pale on my face with a blush brush, and

    sheer lip gloss.

    I basically use my fingers to apply it all, except the mascara and the eyeliner! I hope that helps! :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Mine is Thursday! I have no suggestions when it comes to style. Been wearing the same color lipstick now for, oh, 20 years. Never wear blush or eye make up. I should. Eh, whatever! Have a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Awww no you look gorgeous! I'd say if you want advice on make-up, go to your local make-up counter (I like Clarins for good skincare advice, and their customer service is second to none) and let them "sell" you some bits. You can always make out that you need ideas for birthday presents, and most are very forthcoming with samples!
    As for style...I'm sitting here in very old jeans and my boyfriend's jumper, so not one to advise really!

  8. I think you're gorgeous! Seriously.

    Okay. Makeup. Head to Sephora or Ulta. Tell them your story. They will help you--I promise. I love Benefit makeup and for eye shadow Urban Decay. Don't be afraid of their crazy colors--they have "normal" ones, too!

    Hair--okay. Two of my must haves--a Chi straightening iron and Moroccan Oil. Those paired with a blow dryer? Amazingness.

    Clothes--what's your style? There is always Old Navy, Gap, etc--I love Gap. They usually have stuff that would go together grouped together.

    Email me if you have questions! I love girlie stuff :)

    xoxo & happy early birthday!

  9. I hate to do my hair so I wear it long. Wash and brush and air dry...taadaaa. I have to agree with Chelle though on the Chi. The one day I do my hair (Sunday) I always whip out the Chi.

    As for makeup...I'm so not the girl to ask, lol...

    Clothes... jeans and tee-shirts are what I wear cause they are me. I feel ridiculous all spiffied up.

  10. For a daily tinted moisturizer/SPF/combo that will add the TINIEST bit of color (trust me, I'm crazy pale) - I love the Olay varieties.

    I like Ann Taylor Loft for reasonably trendy, but not over the top clothes. Jcrew is my other favorite, but they are definitely pricier.

    We have similar coloring, & my makeup routine consists of: eyeliner (I rotate between grape & navy), blush (love Benefit Dandelion), tinted moisturizer, & lip gloss (love NARS Orgasm - I know, dirty name).

    I straighten my hair, throw on my clothes & I can be out the door in 15 minutes.