Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The One Tough Cookie Award

It's been a while since anyone has earned the coveted One Tough Cookie award.  This award is handed out only when the need arises.  Recently the need has reared it's ugly head.

A blog is, in essence, an online home. We like to sit back and write about our day.  Maybe have a few friends over for comments. Like visitors to someone's home, blog visitors are expected to be respectful, not spill red wine on the couch, and leave when you have overstayed your welcome.  Sadly, some folks just don't play nice.  There are those out there who will stop by and leave rude comments, call you names and leave muddy footprints all over the place.  So, for keeping cool in the face of  rudeness and bigotry I award the second One Tough Cookie Award to........Meeko Fabulous.  So let us all raise a cold glass of milk in Meeko's honor!

And lest you forget---Like any good cookie, this should be enjoyed with a cold beverage and kept only as a fond memory.  There is no need to keep this hanging around on your blog.  Enjoy it while it's fresh!