Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tough Cookie Award

I have made an award.  This will be my first award and I have to tell you that I will only hand it out very judiciously.  It is the One Tough Cookie Award. 

 Blogging can be tough.  You are putting yourself out there.  You are airing out your dirty laundry for all the world to see.  For all those bloggers out there who are putting it on the line and not always reaping the rewards they deserve I present

The first winner is....drum   roll......Supahmommy.  And not just because we were BFFs in high school <---total lie.  Supah blogs from the heart and don't take no guff from anyone, including multinational corporations.  (Ebay is multinational right?)  So Supah, here's to you because you are One Tough Cookie!!

PS  Like any good cookie, this should be enjoyed with a cold beverage and kept only as a fond memory.  There is no need to keep this hanging around on your blog.  Enjoy it while it's fresh!


  1. Awe...

    *wipes tear*

    yer a good pal!

  2. you are so friggin awesome.

    that just makes my entire blog career.

    bff forever <--- should have been

  3. I love Supah!

    Great choice--I am toasting a drink in Supah's honor.

  4. That is an awesome award! You are a great friend!