Friday, May 29, 2009

Three Years ago Today

Dear Ryan,

Three years ago, on this day, you entered my life. After nearly 3 months on bed rest your delivery was quick and relatively painless. You entered the world with so little fanfare that I was worried that you may not be alright. I was assured that though you were a month early, you were perfectly fine.

Before long, I wondered how life had progressed for so long without you. You were your brother's antithesis - quiet and easygoing.

So much so that I worried that you would be eclipsed by your an overbearing older sibling. I was soon disabused of that notion.

Over the past three years you have grown up far too fast, learning something new and exciting nearly every day. Every day you make me laugh and I feel lucky that I get to spend my time with you.

Every night we end the day the same way. I say "I love you baby" and you say "I love you mommy". You may be three now and a big boy, but I still love you baby.

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