Monday, May 25, 2009

Of knitting and exhaustion

I have totally gotten behind in my knitting. It's not that I don't want to knit, it's more that by the time I get everyone showered, dressed, snacked, read to and tucked in I'm so exhausted that I can barely raise my arms to flick on the TV with the remote let alone repeatedly move my arms around to knit.

I have two projects currently on my needles. The first is a big (gigantic...huge) scarf with sleeves. It is based on the Juliana pattern from Berroco. I am using Needful Yarns Cara Mia that I bought in a bag lot sale from The first picture is the Juliana in all it's glory, the second is a close up of the drop stitch detail.

The second project that I am working on has been on needles for almost two years....yes, it's a bit of a long term project. They are however coming to a close. I bought the yarn for these socks on vacation in Virginia Beach two years ago and they have been slowly progressing since.

Both of these projects are technically coming to an end, and I need to start thinking about what I'm going to start next. I'm currently trying not to purchase any new's not that I don't love yarn or even that I have "too much" yarn. I have about two average sized boxes of yarn, which I think is probably not much of a stash (or at least that's what my LYS owner tells me.) It's just that having that much yarn around doesn't really mesh with my minimalist lifestyle. So I'm trying to knit up the stash.

My next project will likely use this yarn:

I'm hoping to duplicate this scarf that Amita wore on Numb3rs a few weeks ago.

The thing is, that I'm not all that skilled at crochet and I don't have a pattern to follow. I'm going to try to wing it....we'll see how it goes.

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