Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Naysayer

You said that it would never happen. You chuckled each time I extracted their striped half finished corpse from my basmati rice/knitting bag. You said that my number 2 double point needles would be forever entwined by their woolen grasp. (Okay you didn't say the last thing because you don't know what double points are and you don't know that they come in size 2). I relish say this....YOU WERE WRONG. HA!!! I'm going to say it again....You Were Wrong. I oh so rarely get to say that! they are - the Seashore Socks. Cast on in August 0f 2007. Finally completed in May of 2009.

Okay, so they don't fit as well as I had hoped. The pattern isn't as stretchy as I would like, the feet are too long and the legs on the left one is a little too narrow, but they are done. You gotta give me that.

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