Monday, May 11, 2009

Making the Most of What You've Got

So you've got all your essentials together. Let's discuss briefly how to put them all to the best possible use.

We'll start with the TV. I realize that this may seem like a no-brainer. I mean how complicated can a TV be? You turn it on, flip around for a while, when you finally find something tolerable you settle in. The fact is, however, that with the advent of modern digital TV and satellite TV you may have literally hundreds of channels to choose from. Everything from Dora the Explorer to Forrest Hump (not making that up!) at your fingertips. I'm not saying that you should watch nothing but NOVA for the next month, but it does pay to be a little selective.

First, do not torture yourself by watching children's programming. If you are a first time expectant mom you may want to get a feel for the kiddy fodder out there. DON'T! You will have the next 5 years to catch up with Diego, Olivia and Blue. Enjoy grown-up TV while you still can.

Alternately, this probably isn't the best time to be tuning into Skinimax. To put the not so delicately, you are in no state to become aroused. Orgasm is WAY too close to labor for comfort. Don't put yourself into a position where you may be tempted to enjoy yourself a bit too much. Save that sort of thing for after the baby is just may need it then. Okay.....moving on.

There are some genre that are okay in moderation (in my opinion), but that you probably don't want to over watch. These include Talk shows, Soap Operas, and Baby shows. There are vast differences among morning talk shows. I would be loath to compare Maurry with Oprah. While I find Martha interesting in an inferiority complex inducing sort of way, I feel a little nauseous every time Elizabeth Hasselbeck opens her mouth. All I'm saying here is choose wisely. You could easily fill your day with vapid, semiliterate chatter, but you'll hate yourself in the morning.

Moving on to soap operas. I have never been much of a Soap opera kind of girl. I tried very hard to get into one of them (I can't even remember which) one summer during college, but I could never really connect with the characters. I will only say that if you get addicted you may be in trouble because it is unlikely that you will be able to keep up once your baby is born.

Finally, the baby shows. you will invariably stumble across some sort of show involving the trials of other mothers-to-be. These can be interesting to watch but take everything you see with a grain of salt. Many of these deliveries are high-risk pregnancies. Don't stress!! Remember this is TV - not your life.

So there is it....enjoy what your TV has to offer, but remember that you have other options. We'll talk about some of those tomorrow.

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