Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You gotta eat

Let's talk about boobs. Breasts. Knockers. Boobies. Tatas. You get the idea (and my hit count from search engines probably just increased 10 fold).

Disclaimer: I breastfed my kids, of you didn't I still think that you are a perfectly good mother who loves her children. I don't think that you are poisoning them by feeding them formula. This isn't that sort of breastfeeding post...just so you know.

My boobs have been professionally employed for the last 8 years. I have nursed two boy children well into toddlerhood and plan to do the same with the third. I have nursed them pretty much everywhere from the mall to The Mall. (Hee hee, see what I did there? The second Mall is the area of our nations capital.) Recently a facebook friend mentioned some of the rediclous things people have said to her while nursing. Here is a small collection of the bizarre things that I personally have heard.

"Breastfeeding is SO hard.". - This is SO not true. I'm not one to subject myself to extra work. If something is hard, I'm probably not going to do it. Breastfeeding is a little hard to get started with, but once you and your baby get the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep - literally. Breastfeeding is, quite frankly, ideal for lazy moms like me. There is no mixing of formula, nothing ever needs to be heated up and there are no bottles to wash.

"You'll have to stop once he gets teeth". - Not really. Babies learn pretty quickly not to bite the boob that feeds them. I'm pretty sure that the screaming is a big deterent.

"It must be hard to have to feed every two hours". - Mind you, someone said this when my son was 10 months old. Breastmilk isn't some magical elixier of youth (I'd be rich I'd it were!). Breastfed babies grow up and eat solid food just like formula fed babies. You don't have to formula feed every 2 hours, so why wpuld you have to breastfeeding every two hours?

"The nurse could tell just by looking at that I wouldn't be able to nurse". - Uhhhh. What? I don't even understand this one. Boobs aren't like a motor vehicle. You don't need to move from the two seater sports car to the minivan when you have kids.

I can't be the only person subjected to crazy, inane comments while nursing! Go your favorite in the comments section! And I'm sure that it's not only nursing moms who get criticism. (Ever notice how EVERYONE knows how your baby should be raised and isn't afraid to tell you how wrong you are?) Post you favorite/most bizarre feeding comment!

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  1. I always got questioned how I made enough milk (I am barely an A cup on a good day - breastfeeding made me be a full A LOL)

    Yet I made enough milk to supply a small country - seriously... I did!!!

  2. I , who am endowed with what would seemed to have been the PERFECT boobs to feed my children, was unable to.. I know Iknow makes no sense to me either. But apparently I just never produced anything beyond the first milk. Despite contiual training, latching, pumping you name it I did it and could never get more then an ounce at a time.. and gave birth to children that were taking 4-6 ounces from birth.. oh yeah..

  3. Whether or not I had enough was called into question. Um, I freaking tandem nursed and still had a supply in the freezer.

    Oh and it being "so hard" um- I used to tell people I did it b/c I was lazy. LMAO

  4. it was not hard for me either - but my SIL cried and cried because of THAT to me is hard. I think that is what people mean. Mastitis (sp?) not latching, low production. That makes it hard.

    I know many that had those issues - and I don't question it. and I BREASTFED MY CHILD FOR 22 months.

    Sometimes the choice is hard both ways.