Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chics dig vamps

I watched Twilight last night. It wasn't spectacularly great, but it got me thinking. The popularity of twilight combined with my recent obsession with the Buffy/Angel franchise has lead me to the conclusion that women love vampires. What exactly is the allure of the undead? I have a few theories.

1. Vampires are old. Generally women aren't into naive men. We like men who are experienced, worldly and wise. Vampires, for the most part, have had time to travel, experience the world. Chances are good that you aren't going to have to deal with a vamp buying a red convertible trying to regain his youth. The clincher here is that unlike old living men, vampires remain crazy sexy.

2. The undead seem to mate for life ever. If Buffy and Twilight are any indication once you've snagged the unstaked heart of a vamp he's yours forever. They always seem to find their soulmate love of their life ummmmm.... Perfect partner. There is some sort of immediate connection that really takes the guesswork out of the whole dating thing. It also plays into my next point.

3. The tortured soul. Vampires always come off as having a tortured soul. No one understands them. No one except their chosen lady that is. She is the only one who really gets him. She's the only person he can open up to and be his charming self. It's cliched, but we like that. It makes us feel with it guys.

4. Vampires are romantic. It's like they've got a whole team of scriptwriters feeding them lines like "You're my life now" and "all I did was watch you sleep, but it was the best night of my life". I mean how is a regular unscripted guy supposed to compete with that?

5. Last, but not least is that vampires are dead sexy. So long as you don't need a guy with a tan, you can't get much hotter than the living dead.


  1. roflmbo ummm true all of that.. and I prefer Angel and as far as twilight Edward so doesn't do it for me now Jacob whoooole other ballgame bare those bad boy fangs at me you animal you

  2. mmmmm i do like a vamp!!

  3. ooo and i tots agree with sinedwingangel...
    i am totally team tay tay!

  4. Oh, ga! You are so right. I remember by stomach just dropping in sheer teenage lust over Frank Langella biting his girls' neck.

    wth is that???

  5. Hiya there!

    I was just thinking to myself, "Where's that great blog? That I used to get so excited to read? Where is she?!"

    I hope all is well!