Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flying solo

So we have all arrived back in NoVa and things are getting back to normal.

Haa haa haa... That is a blatant lie. My husband has embarked in a 30 day vacation business trip overseas. I am officially a solo parent of three boys for one month...and summer vacation is only 2 weeks away.

They say that you never really appreciate something until it's gone. Let me just say that my husband only had to be gone for about 8 hours before I began to do some major appreciating.

For example, we went to the pool on Monday night. My family Is KNOWN for being at the pool after dinner. It is totally our thing and I wasn't going to give it up just because 1/5 of us were gone. As it turns out that 1/5 is a vital component of successful pooling. One of my boys is a great swimmer and is fine in his own in the pool. The other two think that they are.

With two adults we can each take one kid. With only one adult, one kid is pretty much left to drown. Fortunatly the middle kid is a good enough swimmer not to actually drown...but not by very much.

Then there are the logistics of getting everything done. Who will hang up the wet towels while I get the kids out of their bathing suits? Who will mow the lawn? I'm going to need to hire a manservant for the next month. Either that or invite my in-laws down. *Shudder*

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  1. Good luck!

    Luckily my son isn't a fan of the big pool. For now it's pretty easy to watch my daughter play in there while he's content in the baby pool.

    I think I would choose a manservant over the in-laws! LOL!

  2. I do not know what I would do with out my hubby home for a month! Wishing you LOTS of luck!