Sunday, May 9, 2010

Supah Busy and a Supah Challenge....

This is a post from my design blog, but it's important enough to be said twice....

Whewww!!! I have been BUSY. In case you haven't heard, I have been working on redesigning Supah Mommy's web site.

I realize that I may be a bit biased, but I absolutely LOVE IT!!!  So much, in fact, that I almost changed my name and kept it for myself.  Unfortunatly, Supah knows my name and where I live, so I gave up the goods.  Here is a preview, but you really have to visit the web site to see it in all of it's glory...

I had such a great time developing this site and I learned a ton of new tricks that I'm just itching to put to good use.  I'm offering TWO great specials for the rest of the month....

But first, a story.  Some of you may have heard of Little Monkey:

Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Sadly cancer is a cold hearted bitch and doesn't care how adorable you are.  Last week Monkey was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  As you can image this is a horribly emotionally trying for her mom and dad.  The financial strain of caring for a child with cancer doesn't end with medical bills...there is additional time off of work for the parents, the cost of travel and hotel accommodations for treatments, the cost of additional childcare for Monkey's two amazing sisters....the list goes on.  To add financial turmoil to the situation would be untenable.

Since we in the blogosphere are NOT all about talk we are banding together to help Monkey and her family through this difficult time.  If you would like to donate independently Ian will have the details up soon.  If not, here are some special offers to sweeten the deal.....

#1.  Half off the price of a Summary Homepage.  One of the coolest things about Supah's page is the summary Homepage.....a little snippet of her last few blog posts in one convenient location.  Normally I would charge $12 to add the code for this upgrade, but until June 25th I will do it for only $6.....AND if you choose to pay the full amount ($12) I will donate the WHOLE amount (all $12) to the Monkey Fund.

#2. $5 buttons!!!  Okay...that's not a discount, but if you purchase a static (not animated) button before June 25 I will donate the $5 to Monkey.

I am officially issuing the following CHALLENGE TO SUPAH......

Whoever raises the MOST MONEY FOR MONKEY will have the privilege of posting a FULL SIZE photo of the other IN FULL HIGH SCHOOL FIELD HOCKEY GARB on their blog.  **Throwing down the gauntlet...**


  1. OMG, your challenge is hilarious! Love this! What a great way to help support Monkey. :)

  2. Love her new design-great job! Thanks for telling us about monkey-totally heartbreaking :( You two are fantastic, you know that? Always helping others and stuff. Awesome.

  3. Love your redesign, and love the challenge, too!