Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Imaginary Friends

I have the tenancy to quickly form deep, meaningful relationships with people....wha- No! Not real people, ugh. They are so unpredictable and way. I'm talking about fictional people. You know, the kind who are infinitely entertaining, yet require absolutely no input on my part.

Some of my more intimate fictional relationships have involved Harry Potter, SpeedRacer and Theth Dr. Who. I have watched all of their stories evolve and have wished for only one thing. I just wanted them to be happy. To settle down, have a few kids and lead a nice quiet life.

I haven't finished with Buffy yet, but I find myself hoping beyond all hope that she and Angel will find a way to be happy together. Of course if that doesn't pan out I will do the same thong I did at the end of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, make up my own, more acceptable ending and substitute that one for the "published" ending. That's the beauty of having fictional friends, if they disappoint you can just rewrite their stories.


  1. Ha! Me, too. Sometimes I'll talk about someone famous and my husband will say, "what? You act like you know them?""

    Oh, uhm...don't I??

  2. The world has grown to such a point we have real-life friends, imaginary friends, and virtual friends, LOL! So who cares which kind they are -- if they serve some purpose in our lives to make us better humans, they're our friends. Period. Even if we have to re-write their endings for our peace of mind, lol.