Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spiff it up Sunday - The window to the Soul

Welcome to the first installment of Spiff it up Sunday. Today we are talking about the eyes because they ARE the window to your soul...or some other crap that someone made up.

Before that, however, I want to tell Nalamienea, who totally (and rightfully) called me out for not wearing sunscreen that I bought some from Olay and have been wearing it religiously for the past week.  It's not as bad as I thought it would be. 
If you recall, my main issues were under eye puffiness and general make-up stupidity.

This week I tried out three products. The first was recommended by MommaPebz Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew anti-puff eye roller. First off...this product took less time to use than to type so there is a plus right there.  From the box:
Instantly: eyes look renewed and refreshed
in 1 week:  uner-eye puffiness is reduced and women saw dark circles diminished
With continued use:  the severity of puffiness is further reduced and dark circles stay minimized.

Okay....Three photos:

Immedietly post-treatment

~1 week of treatment

The lighting is  a little different and factors such as amount of sleep and general craziness of me day were not mitigated, but I think that the puffiness may have been a bit less in the last photo.  My conclusion is that the bit about instant results is crap...I think that my eyes look worse in the immediately post treatment photo.  But, the bit about continued use may be right.  I think that there is less puffiness and less dark circles.  Well see if this product can keep up when the kids are out of will be harder to apply because my eyes will be twitching.

I also tried out two make-uppy products this week.  The first was recommended by Supahmommy and is Clinique's Cream Eyeliner in deep brown.  The other one is Cover Girl Eye Brightening Shadow Pallet that I got because I thought I looked a little stoopid with eyeliner and no shadow.   Here is some before and after action for you.



And because I don't walk around with my eyes closed (usually)

I put this on myself...when the lady at the Clinique counter put the eyeliner on I looked like a painted whore (or at least I thought I did).  Just a little tip, Clinique Lady, when someone comes to you and says "I was told to buy this eyeliner, but I don't know how to use it."  It's probably best to have a bit of a light hand.  Rome wasn't built in a day ...or painted for that matter.  

I don't hate it....though I think that I look a little like a half made up drag queen in that last shot.  Maybe it's the lighting.  Or the goofy half smile.  I think it may take some getting used to.

I learned a few lessons this week:

1.  Eye make-up is really hard to get off.
2.  Some Clinique employees don't understand moderation.  Or the natural look.
3.  it's hard to get a good photo of your own eyes. 
4.  You CAN still buy blue eyeshadow (and liner if you are so moved) but that doesn't make it right.

Next week we are talking teeth.  And the week after I'm going to tackle the rest of the make-up issue with lips and blush...any and all suggestions are welcome requested OH DEAR GOD...just PLEASE help me!!


  1. lmbo ummm makeup.. yeah I own some.. but i love the dark purples and browns for eyeshadows and guess what are not even noticble after I put them on.. you guessed it.. I have yet to find a color for my eyes that doesn't simply blend in..

  2. Oh, my goodness you make me laugh! I had a "makeover" once at the Clinique counter. When I got home, my husband asked, "So, exactly what street corner were you working?"

    Personally, I think you're gorgeous without the eyeliner!!

  3. ahh lmao....
    you are too funny! I"ll take a pic of my eyes and send it to you and show you how to do it up. I only do the eyeliner and some mascara and im a different supah. all the pretty skypes i did. eyeliner baby
    top lid only ... draw out and up to the side:)


  4. Hahaha! I think you look beautiful!! Seriously--I love it.

    Can't wait to see what other goodies you get and try out :)