Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spiff it up Sunday - Eyes....yes again

I've always been a pretty average person. I'm fairly smart, but not so intelligent that someone will pay me lots of money to think all day. I'm a little odd looking, but not freely enough for a lucrative career as a circus performer. I'm kind of short, but not miniature enough to be a jockey, a coxswain or a buggy driver. One thing that I've always had going for me was my eagle eye vision. I've had better that 20/20 vision for as long as I could remember. Sadly, as I have gotten older my eyes haven't maintained their stellar status. So I got myself to the eye doctor for my first ever complete eye exam.

I thought that the procedure went well as a whole.   The whole eye dilation thing was a bit disturbing and when I was told that I needed glasses to correct a slight bit of far sightedness I was not entirely surprised.  But the surprises were yet to come.  It seems that my nearly perfect eyes had turned on me and I hadn't even known.

First I was told that I had chronic dry biggie I thought until my doctor told me that it had resulted in cellular damage.  WHA!!!!  Just like your skin can get all dry and cracked, your eyes can become dry and the cells can be damaged.  I got a prescription for an eye lubricant, and two over the counter eye lubes.  They are like aloe for the eyeballs.  You use then for a few weeks and your back to nice supple smooth ocular lenses.

On to top of all that I apparently have a freckle in my eye...seriously who does that happen to??  It's right on the ocular nerve and "Something we should keep an eye on".  No pun intended.  They took a picture (If you have never seen a picture of the inside of your eyeball....consider yourself lucky, it is not particularly flattering.)  and will take another in about 3 months.

The conclusion to my little story here is that A) I now have more product for my eyeballs than I do for my hair or skin and B) Don't slack off on your eye exams.  I never would have know about either problem had I not taken the time to get my check-up.  Spiffing up is about taking care of the WHOLE package!!  C)  Now that I have reading glasses I think I need to get one of those chains to keep my glasses on....any suggestions?

And finally, the winners of the toothsoap give away!! Thanks to, Nalamienea and jo.attalife will be receiving a toothsoap sample (I don't have any BBQ so don't worry.)

HEY!!  Don't forget to enter to win the spa kit below!!


  1. *raises hand* HI, I have a freckle on my eye, too.

  2. An eye freckle? Haven't heard of that one!

    My mom at age 53 was just diagnosed with macular degeneration so I've started taking eye vitamins daily!!

  3. Neato!! I'm looking forward to trying it out!

  4. oh... and how do you want my info? lol

  5. wow - I didn't know you could get freckles on your eye. But cute glasses!

  6. Thank you so, so much, Krista!!! I can't wait, I'm emailing you now.
    I was reading through your account, and kept thinking your description sounded like me. And then you got to the 20/20 vision part and you got me beat, there -- I've been nearsighted since I was a kid. LOL.